Usual questions

Where does the start take place? 
The start is in Kitkiöjärvi

Where is the finishline?
The finish is in Pajala

Where can I find competition information?
Competition information is available on the website

Is there any age limit?
Participants must be 18 years or older to participate in this race

Where do I get my number patch?
The number patch can be picked up on Friday the day before the race starts between 12:00 and 17:00 or on Saturday between 06: 00-07: 00. 
This is done at the competition office.

Where is the competition office?
The competition office is located at Rian, a sports hall located at Road 99.

When is the competition office open?
Friday 12: 00-17: 00
Saturday 06: 00-00: 00
Sunday 00: 00-12: 00

When do I get my t-shirt?
You pick it up when you take out your start ticket at the competition office.

Can you buy t-shirt directly in place?
We bring home some extras, so as far as access goes, things are going well.

When is the start?
The competition starts at 10:00 in Kitkiöjärvi

How is transport to the start area?
Transport departs from the competition office on Saturday morning at 07:30, 
try to be in place some time before departure.

Can I leave luggage / clothes on start?
Yes bring a bag and mark it with name and start number. 
You leave this in the marked area at the start between 09:00 - 09:30.
Then you can retrieve this after finishing.

What are the maximum time for the race?
The goal closes 24 hours after the start, participants who have not reached the goal are picked up along the course.

Do you need a headlight?
You choose it yourself. It will be bright during the night

What happens if I have to break the race?
If you have to break the race, contact one of the officials on the course or call the phone number you will receive before the start. 
Thereafter, the competition management will provide transport to the finish area.

I am unable to join. Can a friend take over my starting place?
You can transfer a starting place. The name change costs SEK 100. Notify the competition management of this.

I have been injured and will not. I get the money back.
Cancellation made before 30 April is possible and you will then receive 50% of the registration fee. 
After May 1, no refund will be made.
'Startklar' provides good insurance coverage throughout the year and it can be taken out privately.

Can you bring a dog with you on the track?

Can you shower or change before a competition?
Yes in Pajala before departure, Shower and changing facilities are available at the competition office. There is also the possibility of exchange at the starting area.

Can you shower or change after a competition?
Yes, Shower and changing facilities are available at the competition office, there is also the possibility of sauna and bathing at the bathhouse in Pajala.

Is there anything to eat in the finish area?
Yes, light meals and beverages are offered after meals

Is there any medical care in place?
Yes, there is health care preparedness

Can you get assist with water and food and more along the way?
Yes only it does not hinder traffic or other participants