Little facts about the course

  • Kitkiöjärvi, is located about 90 km from Pajala and 14 kilometers from the Finnish border. In 2008 a 1,185 kg heavy meteorite was found here. In 1906, a swarm of meteorites settled in the area.
  • Kitkiöjoki, here you come after passing 7 km. The legs feel light, come on Remember to take it easy the first mile.
  • Parkajoki, now you have come a little way and have 18 km on the account. To the left is the Muonio River and you are about 200 meters from the Swedish-Finnish border (which is located in river).
  • Kihlanki, about 39km clarified and mood on top! Curiosities, the Swedish spelling of the village name is Kihlangi. The village was founded in 1707 by Olof Hindersson Kolari.
  • Aareavaara, 56km is passed and you have now managed more than half the distance, cruelly good fought !!. The village lies at the 250 m high mountain of the same name. Year 2009 conducted the Norrbotten museum archaeological investigations, finds revealed that there were two camp sites. which is estimated to be about 10 600 years old.
  • Kaunisvaara, 66km away start you arrive at it the beautiful mountain, yes so will be translation of it Finnish name of the village. The first known person who, at the end of the 18th century, settled on the site was Hans Mickelsson Vänkkö, called "Laukka-Hannu", which had previously been the first to settle in Liviöjärvi. West there are iron ore deposits that placed Kaunisvaara on the map.
  • Jupukka masten, 81km from start and 19 km from the target you will pass the mountain on its right. Unfortunately  this time we will not to run for the highest point of the municipality.
  • Bro över Torneälv, Now it is only a few km away to the destination and you have reached the bridge that crosses the Torne River. In 1996 they blew up The "old bridge" and the pajala villagers went out of the houses to be part of this historical event
  • Pajala, is central location for the municipality and the goal is closing, well fought and welcome! Did you know that the first person in Pajala was forester Lasse (Pålsson) Pajanen from the present Pyhäjärvi
    municipality in Northern Österbotten. He is in the tax bracket as early as 1587.